My fishmonger

My hometown fishmonger goes out every night to lay out fish traps where the Long Son river meets the ocean, and collect them by 11 am in the am.


I like the fact that the fish are all alive when caught by this method…at least before they got iced up for the market.


20151129_132434Cá sủ mỹ và cá dìa20151212_101912On weekends I often try to catch him just as he got off the boat…or on the way to the market. See what he caught for the day…and stock up.20151212_101747Black drum, mullets, and some smaller whitefish…some “brown fish” (cá nâu)…but they are a bit too small today




Red snapper, squid, shrimp ceviche

 Had the fresh odds and ends from making shashimi, so I made a quick ceviche salad out of them. I blanched the shrimp and squid quickly in coconut water. Then use the boiling coconut water to pour on the skin of the cold pieces of red snapper. I think the skin of the red snapper is more delicious than the flesh itself but it needs to be cooked first.

Marinade is a mix of mirin, lime, ad Vietnamese yuzu (tắc)…and a dash of tabasco. Stay true to the South American origin – just salt and pepper, no soy or fish sauce.